Kia Rio: Chassis / Suspension Ball Joints

Kia Rio 2017-2021 YB Service Manual / Maintenance / Chassis / Suspension Ball Joints

Repair procedures

Visually check, must be free from injurious flaw and crack.

Steering Gear Rack, Linkage and Boots
Repair procedures Inspection 1. Check the steering wheel free road. (1) Turn the steering wheel so that the front wheels can face straight ...

Suspension Mounting Bolts
Repair procedures Inspection Visually check the loose mount bolt. ...

Other information:

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Smooth cornering Avoid braking or gear changing in corners, especially when roads are wet. Ideally, corners should always be taken under gentle acceleration. If you follow these suggestions, tire wear will be held to a minimum. Driving at night Because night driving presents more hazards ...

Kia Rio 2017-2021 YB Service Manual: Heater & A/C Control Unit (FATC)

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