Kia Rio: Power Door Mirrors / Power Door Mirror Actuator

Kia Rio 2017-2020 YB Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Power Door Mirrors / Power Door Mirror Actuator

Components and components location

1. Side repeater lamp

Repair procedures

Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.


Remove the front door quadrant inner cover (A).


Disconnect the power door mirror connector from the harness.


Apply battery voltage to each terminal as shown in the table and verify that the mirror operates properly.

[Mirror Control (LH/RT)]

[Mirror Heater]

[Side Repeater Lamp]

[Folding Mirror]

[BSD Indicator]


After inserting the flat-bladed screwdriver or remover as shown in the illustration below, remove the mirror (A) by applying a momentary force.


Wrap the tool with protective tape or cloth to prevent damage to the parts.

Do not insert the tool too deeply.


Disconnect the heater connectors (A).


Remove the mirror actuator (A) after loosening the screws.


Disconnect the mirror actuator connector (A).


Install in the reverse order of removal.

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