Kia Rio: Features of your vehicle / Wipers and washers

Kia Rio 2017-2020 YB Owners Manual / Features of your vehicle / Wipers and washers


■ Type A

■ Type B

Rear (5 Door, if equipped)

■ Type A

■ Type B

A : Wiper speed control (front)

· HI – High wiper speed
· LO – Low wiper speed
· INT – Intermittent wipe
· AUTO* – Automatic control wipe
· OFF – Off
· MIST – Single wipe

B : Intermittent control wipe time adjustment

C :Wash with brief wipes (front)*

D : Rear wiper/washer control

· /ON – Continuous wipe
· O/OFF – Off
· HI – High wiper speed
· LO – Low wiper speed

E :Wash with brief wipes (rear)

Front fog light
Type A Type B Fog lights are used to provide improved visibility when visibility is poor due to fog, rain or snow, etc. The fog lights will turn on when the fog light switch (1) is turned ...

Windshield wipers
Operates as follows when the ignition switch is turned ON. MIST : For a single wiping cycle, push the lever upward and release it. The wipers will operate continuously if the lever is held in this ...

Other information:

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